24th February 2017: Fossil Fuel Subsidies

It is estimated that global fossil fuel production is subsidised by over $70 billion US dollars annually. Eliminating this subsidy of “zombie energy” would be the equivalent to eliminating all global aviation emissions. To read the full report please follow … Weiterlesen

14th February 2017: Pollutants get everywhere

A recent study published in nature has identified highly toxic man-made chemicals present in organisms in the most remote place on the planet, 10kms deep in the Marina Trench in the Pacific Ocean. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and polybrominated diphenyl esters … Weiterlesen

10th February 2017: Dong Energy to stop burning coal

Dong Energy have pledged to stop burning coal by 2023, replacing it with sustainable biomass sources to generate heat and power as well as continuing to expand its wind generation capabilities. For more information please read the press release: DONG … Weiterlesen

6th February 2017: A world without waste

Can the global economy continue to grow without placing undue stress on natural resources? In 2007 a primary school teacher, Rossano Ercolini became the champion of a small Italian town of Capannori to be world leading. Rather than build a … Weiterlesen

15th January 2017: A sustainable future

A recent report warns that current unsustainable consumption patterns will lead to economic stagnation, global warning and the gap between rich and poor to widen. This will fuel nationalist and populist tensions based on resentment of the “global elite”. This … Weiterlesen