16th May 2017: The legacy of petro-chemicals

Two recent articles have highlighted the long term legacy of petro-chemicals to our environment. (1) One of the most remotest island in the world, Henderson Island part of the Pitcairm group in the South Pacific is covered by over 18 … Weiterlesen

25th April 2017: Plastic eating caterpillars

Early work by Spanish researchers has identified that the larvae of the greater wax moth, a well-known pest in bee hives, was able to digest polyethylene plastic bags. Methylene bridges are found in both beeswax and many plastics including polyethylene. … Weiterlesen

21st April 2017: Britain’s first coal free day

n Friday 21st April Britain was set to have its first day of coal free power since the start of the industrial revolution. Please follow this link to read the full article: British power generation achieves first ever coal-free day

20th April 2017: UK Government sell off Green Fund

The UK Green Investment Bank with over £4 billion in assets has been sold by the UK Government for £2.3 billion to a Macquire led consortium. Five independent trustees will hold “special shares” to ensure its green purposes are safeguarded. … Weiterlesen